What to Expect on a Tanzania Safari

What to Expect on a Tanzania Safari

What to Expect on a Tanzania Safari

What to expect on a Tanzania safari is magical game drives, abundant wildlife, birdlife, amazing landscape views, fine white sand beaches in Zanzibar, and so much more. A safari in Tanzania is everyone’s dream, if experiencing typical Africa safaris is what you are after. Africa as a continent has special magic; – magical sunsets, remote wild destinations perfect for star gazing and game viewing that you shall be blown away by the sheer beauty of it all. The best way to experience nature in Africa is by taking a wildlife safari which allows to see animals in their natural habitat. Of all the various Africa safari destinations, Tanzania is the best safari destination in Africa. A Tanzania safari goes beyond just a Tanzania safari holiday, it is a whole experience that shall have you falling in love with nature and appreciate the wild.

Tanzania is a dream safari destination, for travelers after a diversity of Africa experiences including but not limited to cultural safaris in Tanzania, wild game viewing, the great wildebeest migration, and beach holidays among so many others. Whatever your reason is to visit Tanzania, what to expect on a Tanzania safari is something that lingers in the minds of travelers intending to visit Tanzania. Below are some of the things that you should expect on a safari in Tanzania;

Diverse and Spectacular Landscapes

Tanzania is blessed to have amazing landscapes, and it should be one of the things to expect on a Tanzania safari tour. During your Tanzania game drives, you shall enjoy driving through amazing landscapes, striking scenery with some of the most amazing scenic views being in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

What to Expect on a Tanzania Safari
Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Diverse Wildlife

What to expect on a Tanzania safari is diversity in wildlife, and in huge numbers at that. Tanzania is one of the popular destinations for wild game viewing, as well as birding due to the diversity in wildlife in Tanzania. You can easily spot a herd of elephants freely grazing at the corner with zebras running around while lions are preying just within the vicinity. One of the iconic wildlife experiences to look out for is the Great Wildebeest migration where over a million wildebeests do cross the Mara River to Masai Mara National Reserve, in a spectacle that shall forever be a memory to you.

Long drives

Also while on a Tanzania safari, expect long drives, especially when connecting to other Tanzania safari destinations. You could be inside a safari vehicle on a drive from 3- 6 hours or more, depending on where you are going. You shall drive under the scorching sun of Africa, so be sure to carry sunscreen to protect yourself. Do look out and enjoy the countryside as well as other attractions along the way.

Exciting activities for all kinds of travelers

What to expect on a Tanzania safari are activities fit for all kinds of travelers. Going on a safari tour doesn’t simply involve going on endless game drives, unless it is what you want of course, but there are a number of other activities in Tanzania that you could do while on your much anticipated Tanzania safari tour, whether you are a solo traveler, a solo female traveler, a couple or even a family or group. There are unique add-ons that you can have depending on what kind of traveler you are. Other activities you can include on your Tanzania safari tour include mountain climbing, camp fires, walking safaris, horseback riding, and canoeing, biking as well as cultural encounters among so many others.

What to Expect on a Tanzania Safari
Game Drives in Tanzania

Exciting Adventure

Tanzania is your place to be for adventure safaris. With the various game reserves and national parks of Tanzania being remote, you shall be surrounded by nature and wilderness, far away from the bustle of the city. Travelers after a bit of adventure should expect various adventure activities while on a Tanzania safari including hiking a volcano, the Ol Doinyo Lengai, Mount Meru which is  perfect mountain climbing experience for beginner trekkers, as well as Mount Kilimanjaro which shall present enough challenges to the more skilled trekker, rewarding your adventurous spirit with thrill and wonder.

Culinary Diversity

Culinary diversity is something that you should expect on a Tanzania safari. You shall find that there are different cuisines that you could get to experience, including even the local cuisines of Tanzania. You could eat sandwiches, chicken, bread and eggs and others usually included on your lunch boxes which often limit, but at the lodge you could get even a four course meal.

Great Accommodation and Lodging Options

What to expect on a Tanzania safari is great accommodation and lodging options, depending on your budget. Accommodation in Tanzania which you can stay in while on a Tanzania safari tour range from budget camping, mid-range to luxury lodges and camps, catering for any category of traveler. Depending on the kind of accommodation you are interested in, and your budget, you shall appreciate the accommodation quality in Tanzania. Depending on the kind of lodge you are staying in, and where, you shall be able to hear animal sounds from just outside your lodge or tent, with chances of having some animals visiting your lodge surroundings.

Minimal Internet Coverage

Expect to have minimal internet coverage while on a Tanzania safari, do not expect a marvellous phone coverage given most areas are very remote with zero mobile coverage. You shall however have Wi-Fi access since most lodges do have them for their guests, though might be quite unstable.

Tanzania safaris take travelers to not only the northern circuit parks of Tanzania, but also the southern safari circuit, much as most people do opt for safaris in the northern safari circuits. The northern safari circuit is more popular because of the fact that the Serengeti National Park which is the most sought after Tanzania safari destination can be found here, for more and more travelers who do visit Tanzania on Tanzania safaris actually want to witness the Great Migration, which sees over 1 million wildebeests and other animals crossing the Mara River to Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya.

A typical Tanzania safari has you waking up usually early in the morning, to be able to catch the animals when they are out trying to get what to eat. Wild game in Tanzania are however always present in the park, irrespective of season and weather or even time of day. Tanzania safaris have your driver guide taking you through some of the most scenic places and great spots to watch wild game, perfect for animal sightings. If you are lucky, you could even witness a predator-prey moment. You could have early morning game drives, full day game drives or even night game drives in a select national parks of Tanzania. Walking safaris can also be arranged, allowing you an opportunity to come up close with the wild animals in their natural habitat, in the presence of an experienced and armed guide.

What to expect on a Tanzania safari is nothing but magic in every sense;- you shall be blown away by the amount of game you shall encounter, the amazing culture, the people, commanding views, and so much more. A safari in Tanzania is one of the things you should look to doing sometime soon. Tanzania safari holidays 2022, or anytime soon should be something you are looking to take for amazing Africa safari experiences. Just reach out to a reputable tour operator to help you put together an amazing Tanzania safari tour package fit for just you, to explore the various Tanzania safari highlights and so much more.

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