What to avoid doing while in the Wild

What to avoid doing while in the Wild : A wildlife safari is the best way to experience nature, wildlife, and landscapes. Tanzania hosts some world-renowned wildlife sanctuaries, like Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. When you are in a wildlife park or reserve, it is important to avoid some activities. This guide has a list of some things to avoid doing in the wild.


Feeding animals

Feeding animals is common when you step into a zoo. However, national parks and game reserves do not permit feeding the animals on a wildlife safari. Most safari guides usually remind their guests of this important rule. But, sometimes, you may forget that you are not in a zoo.

Why is feeding the animals not allowed? Feeding them disturbs them, as many animals will gather around you, scrambling for food. Another reason is the safety concerns. If the food is contaminated, it can spread diseases to animals. The thing is, make sure you observe wildlife to avoid this mistake.



Do not leave trash in the wild. Littering disrupts the natural ecosystem in the wild. It also makes the bush look filthy. When selecting your tour operator, always look for one with a good waste management policy.

Nature is beautiful on its own and needs to be preserved. Be the first person to appreciate and conserve it. Most tour operators have litter bins where you can dispose of waste while in the wild.


Flash photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. While in the wild, something like a bird, tree, or animal might catch your attention. Taking a picture is not a bad idea, and you can do it with your smartphone or a modern camera.

When taking pictures, remember to turn off the flash and even the shutter. Flashes disturb animals. They will end up being scared, and some may prepare to charge. Flashes may provoke violence in some animals, like elephants and lions.


Disturbing wildlife

Animals retain their rights in the wild. As a visitor in the African bush, you are just an observer. Do not try to be a disturbance in the wild. Respect wildlife. For instance, some visitors call the animals when taking pictures or even when observing. This disturbs the animals.

Getting too close is another way to disturb animals. Maintain a distance of about 100 meters from the animals. Getting too close to animals scares them, and they may end up being defensive.




Off-road driving

Driving is permitted on official trails. Driving off-road may cause fines since it creates disturbances in the wild. It interferes with the ecosystem of the park or reserve. This rule is very strict in public national parks.

Private concessions are the best alternative to national parks if you want to drive off the trails. In these privately owned wildlife reserves, driving off-road is permitted.


Making a loud noise

Always observe the wild quietly. Avoid making loud noises in the wild. This disturbs animals, and some will run away or hide. As a result, your safari would turn out to be embarrassing. Making loud noises also disturbs other guests.

The wild sounds like a roaring lion, singing birds, ringing insects, and breaking branches of trees are amazing. Pay attention to these sounds.



Smoking in the wild is not a good idea. In Tanzania, smoking in the wild is prohibited except in designated areas, such as lodges. Smoking may cause fires in the wild. Therefore, you should avoid smoking when on a game drive.


Flying drones

Professional photographers dreaming of shooting in Tanzanian wildlife destinations, like Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tarangire National Park, and so on, should not use drones.

Flying drones disturb wildlife. Animals can end up being scared. Animals have all the way. The wild is their home, and you are their visitor. So, you should try not to annoy them.


Stepping out of the car

Something might have caught your attention. So, you want to observe it closely. Please get out of the car without notifying the guide. Getting out of the car exposes you to risks, such as attacks by wild animals and sometimes venomous snakes.

When you want to get out of the car, talk to your guide for ideas about the area. This will help you avoid attacks and dangers. Some animals will charge when you get too close, especially when on foot.

What to avoid doing while in the Wild
What to avoid doing while in the Wild

Taking wildlife as souvenirs

You should not take home a natural souvenir, as this disrupts ecosystems. Leave everything in the wild.

Wearing bright colors

Bright colors make you stand out. As a result, you will be scaring some animals or attracting a few of them. Always wear neutral colors like khakis and tans, which let you blend with nature. Other good colors include brown and green.

The Tanzanian wilderness is endowed with stunning wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. You may be interested in seeing these wonders, but you do not know where to start. Don’t worry, you can tailor your luxury or budget safari with Focus East Africa Safaris.

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