Top 10 Must Try Best Foods In Kenya

Top 10 Must Try Best Foods In Kenya : Both its fascinating wildlife and its valiant marathon runners have made Kenya famous. Travelers and animal lovers alike flock to this country to take a safari, one of the most popular items on their bucket lists, because of the fascinating biodiversity.

 Kenya’s cuisine, despite being a little under the radar in the western food world, is one of the top ten food destinations in Africa, which is a lesser-known fact about Kenya. There is now yet another compelling reason for tourists to put Kenya on their list of African nations they must visit. Here are the Top 10 Must-Try Kenyan Foods.


The national dish of Kenya, ugali, is the ideal way to begin this guide to Kenyan food. It is frequently regarded as Kenya’s favorite dish, not just in Kenya but throughout all of East Africa. This is a common dish in Kenya, where maize flour or cornmeal is added to the water, brought to a boil, and then continuously stirred until it thickens into the consistency of dough.


As previously mentioned, Sukuma wiki is a typical side dish for ugali. Sukuma, which can be translated from Swahili as “colewort” or “collard greens,” is the main component of this filling Kenyan side dish. The name of this dish is derived from the verb “to push or stretch the week,” which alludes to the fact that in the area where it is traditionally prepared, this particular vegetable is widely available and reasonably priced throughout the year.


Irio—which in Kikuyu is translated as “food”—is a favorite Kenyan dish as well as a staple of the Kikuyu diet. It can be made with mashed potatoes, maize, peas, or greens in some recipes. This side dish is hearty and nutritious, so give it a try. It complements grilled steak or nyama choma very well.


Another straightforward dish from the Kenyan Kikuyu tribe is called gingitheri. In the country’s eastern and central regions, people frequently eat it. Githeri is made of beans and maize that have been combined and cooked in a sufuria. Other names for it include muthere and mutheri.


The numerous delectable additions the Kikuyu people have made to Kenyan cuisine indicate that they are skilled chefs. Another staple of Kenyan cuisine is Mukimo, which is made by the inhabitants of the stunning Mount Kenya regions. It is made up of mashed potatoes and greens that have been cooked with beans and/or corn. With stews and grilled meats like nyama choma, serve it as a side dish.


In Kenya and Tanzania, bhajias are frequently consumed deep-fried. Cumin, coriander, parsley, chili powder, and ginger are added to gram flour to create a batter for the thinly sliced potatoes. Kenyans adore them with mango chutney called madras.

 Kenyan bhajias and madras are influenced by Indian cuisine. Indian workers provided the most skilled labor for the construction of railways. Kenyan cuisine was developed by the many Indian immigrants who settled there.


A Kenyan condiment called madras is well-known for its distinct flavor when mixed with various Kenyan dishes. The main ingredient in this particular kind of chutney is mango. Before stirring, the mixture is combined with ginger, garlic, tomatoes, onions, coriander, and chili peppers. All of these components are combined while oil and vinegar are added to create a smooth and runny consistency.

Top 10 Must Try Best Foods In Kenya


Chapati is another exotic Kenyan food with Indian influences. Unleavened flatbread is popular in Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zanzibar. In contrast to Indian Chapati, which is thin and oilless, East African Chapati is thicker and multilayered. The outer layers are covered in oil and cooked in a skillet on both sides to make them crispier.


Pilau appears to be among the most well-liked and delicious rice dishes in Kenya. Kenyan staple food from eastern Africa On official holidays, during nuptials, and during religious celebrations like Christmas and Eid, Kenyan jollof rice is served. Kenyan Pilau has a flavorful blend of cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon. With a bottle of Tusker and either chicken or beef, you can enjoy this Kenyan dish.


Nyama choma is regarded by many Kenyans as the national dish. Its Swahili equivalent, “barbecued meat,” refers to roasted meat that hasn’t been heavily seasoned. Although traditionally made with goat, nyama choma can also be made with beef.

 Nyama choma is a well-liked dish in Kenya and is available in a wide range of eateries, from impromptu stands to elegant restaurants. It is frequently served with beer, a variety of vegetables, and starchy foods like salad and ugali.

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