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Tarangire Sopa Lodge

Tarangire Sopa Lodge

Tarangire Sopa Lodge is a luxury accommodation facility which is located in Tarangire national park in the northern part of Tanzania. Facilities at the lodge include a conference room which seats about 80 people, a bar and lounge, restaurant, gift shop, TV room, a swimming pool, WIFI as well as an outdoor dining area.

The conference room at the lodge is also available for guests to participate in meetings as well as conferences and other cooperate events. Meals offered at the lodge include bush breakfasts and lunches, coastal buffet, African buffet as well as gala dinners.

The lodge also offers its guests bush dining. With over 75 rooms, the lodge also has 2 wheel chair accessible rooms and 4 interconnecting rooms. Guests staying at the lodge can also enjoy views of the kopjes, savannah plains and baobab trees.

The lobby at Tarangire Sopa lodge is spacious with marble floors, hand woven carpets and also a high roof. From the lobby, there is a flight of stairs which leads the guests to the lounge and bar area. There is a place for playing pool at the bar.

Tarangire Sopa lodge also has an outdoor terrace where guests can relax and enjoy the sunset and also enjoy seeing wildlife species which can roam up to close to the lodge and can be spotted from the terrace.

Rates which are charged for the guests to stay at Tarangire Sopa lodge vary according to the seasons such as the high season, peak season, green season and also the mid-season. Rooms which are at this lodge include double rooms, single rooms, triple rooms as well as Quads.

There are also sheltered verandahs at the lodge and the rooms are spacious with a mini bar, a bathroom with queen sized beds and also good lighting in the room giving the guest a sense of comfort in the wilderness of Tanzania.

Activities offered to guests staying at Tarangire sopa lodge

Activities which guests staying at Tarangire Sopa lodge engage in include game drives which are carried out in Tarangire national park. A big number of elephants are among the wildlife species which can be seen during a wildlife viewing experience in Tarangire national park

  • Game drives are a popular activity among tourists visiting Tarangire national park as they explore the wilderness of the national park from the savannah plains to the woodlands and swamps in search of wildlife species such as elephants, lions, buffalos, giraffes, leopards, waterbucks, antelopes, kudu, klipspringers among others.

Guests staying at Tarangire Sopa lodge engage in game drives in Tarangire national park at different times of day such as in the morning, in the afternoon and game drives can also be carried out in the night in the company of an armed ranger guide.

  • Tarangire national park also has over 600 bird species such as the rufous tailed weavers, kori bustards among others. Both migratory birds and native bird species can be spotted by guests during a bird watching experience in the national park. This activity is best done during the wet season in November to April.

Other activities which guests staying at the lodge engage in include hot air balloon safaris and nature walks or walking safaris which are carried out in Tarangire national park which is made up of savannah, rolling hills, swamps, rocky outcrops, baobab trees and woodlands.

Apart from Tarangire Sopa lodge, there are many other lodges and tented camps which are located in and around Tarangire national park and they include budget lodges as well as midrange lodges.

The lodge can be accessed by driving from Arusha to Tarangire national park which is a 2 to 3 hours’ drive from Arusha. Another way to get to Tarangire Sopa lodge is by flight from Arusha airport to Kuro airstrip which is located in the national park. Driving from the airstrip to the lodge takes about 1 hour which is 20 minutes flight and 40 minutes’ drive to the lodge.

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