Tarangire Simba Lodge

Tarangire Simba Lodge: Experience The Wild : The newest property in simba portfolio, Tarangire Simba Lodge, is here to welcome you. Tarangire Simba Lodge is located in the hidden treasure in the Tanzania northern safari circuit adjacent Tarangire National Park. This region is a safari enthusiast’s paradise, teeming with wildlife, especially during the dry season. Situated next to Tarangire National Park’s brand-new Sangaiwe Gate. The Tarangire Simba Lodge is located in an area with a lot of wildlife and unobstructed views of the stunning Lake Burunge, which is flanked by the park and a Wildlife Management Area. The scene is beautiful, with an enormous old Baobab tree anchoring one area and an overall sense of authentic Africa.

The lodge contains sixteen vintage tents covered in thatch and first opened in mid-2015 (in July). Lions, zebras, bushbucks, impalas, porcupines, monkeys, warthogs, and other animals are among the local biodiversity that can be seen around the lodge. While the avian life is abundant and colorful, animals like elephants, buffalo, ostriches, and giraffes frequently pass through.

For conservation, the areas around national parks are crucial. The position of Tarangire Simba Lodge establishes a barrier between the park and the neighboring village areas, which, despite their current small population, are being developed and may experience conflict between people and wildlife. To make sure that the wildlife is not harmed, the lodge collaborate closely with the rangers at the station nearby.

A tiny waterhole in front of the lodge is frequented by herds of elephant, giraffe, waterbuck, zebra, and other animals throughout the dry season. Those who are fortunate enough can observe wildlife from their suites or the high viewing platform by the pool. The rooms are wonderful and enormous! Absolutely flawless, with thoughtful additions like the flashlights and international adaptors.

“This hotel is just as good as the pictures… You can’t tell from the images, but the locals are kind, and the views are even more stunning in person. One of Tanzania’s most stunning national parks is Tarangire, and staying the night at Simba Lodge completes the experience. 

Please Note: There is no wheelchair access at Tarangire Simba Lodge, making it unsuitable for those with mobility impairments or who use wheelchairs. The lodge is most welcoming to children over the age of six; however, they must always be supervised by an adult. A roommate over the age of thirteen must share a bed with a child under thirteen (17 or older).


At Tarangire Simba lodge, guests stay in sixteen traditional canvas safari tents that are permanently covered with thatch. The enormous tents are built on platforms and include wooden flooring, a roomy bathroom, and a shower and toilet. There are queen and twin tents, and triple tents are also an option. A family tent with two queen beds is also available. Each tent features a private veranda with views of the wilderness and Lake Burunge, as well as an outdoor shower. Handmade from African mahogany and complemented with carefully chosen fabrics, the furniture is heated by solar energy. The amenities are complete. If you’re lucky, you might be able to observe wildlife from your balcony or room!

  • During your stay at Tarangire Simba Lodge, you can use the torch (flashlight) and umbrella in each room, as well as the power strip to charge your electronics.
  • Your belongings are kept in a safe.
  • We strongly advise you to bring a headlamp or “book light” for reading in bed at night because the solar lighting may be darker than you are used to.
  • Using a hair dryer at Tarangire Simba is not a possibility due to solar-powered electrical system. We politely ask that you refrain from attempting to plug in a hair dryer because it will very certainly blow the system, cutting off electricity to the entire lodge.
  • We can only use CPAP (sleep apnea equipment) if it is powered by batteries because we don’t have access to electricity all the time. You must be fully knowledgeable about how the device operates and capable of helping the lodge staff charge the battery. If you use this device, please let us know while making the reservation.

    Tarangire Simba Lodge
    Tarangire Simba Lodge


The finest local ingredients are used to prepare continental meals, as is the case at all of other simba lodges, with a focus on serving lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Every day, fresh bread is prepared. The breakfast buffet includes cereals, a variety of fruits, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and herbal teas, in addition to muffins or pancakes. Eggs, bacon, toast, oatmeal, and sausage are all made to order. On the table are butter, honey, jam, marmalade, and peanut butter.

Quiche, pizza and salads, spaghetti, or curry and rice are available for lunch at the lodge. A four-course buffet is served for dinner, including soup (usually vegetarian), bread or rolls, salad, two entrées, plus rice, potatoes, and fresh steamed veggies. Fish, beef, hog, lamb, and chicken dishes make up the main dinners on alternate nights.

 With advance notice, special diets can be prepared, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan ones. We can also substitute non-animal protein dishes such as lentils, nut roast, beans, or cheese for every meal. We steer clear of fried, greasy, and oily meals. Tea (both regular and herbal), coffee, hot chocolate, and cake or cookies are available at tea time (3:30–6:00 pm).

Every morning, there is a buffet-style breakfast that includes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, a variety of cereals, fresh fruit, muffins or pancakes, and cooked-to-order eggs (with sausage and bacon). On request, oatmeal (oat porridge) is offered.

We strive hard to produce a lunch box that sticks out from the crowd because most visitors take one with them when they head out for the full day game drive. You can choose from a variety of salads, quiches, and pizza for lunch at the lodge, or on chillier days, heartier fare like a casserole, curry, or spaghetti.

Dinner may be served at the table or from a buffet, depending on how many visitors are staying at Tarangire Simba Lodge. There is usually a vegetarian entrée on the buffet. If you have any special dietary requests, kindly let us know as early as possible.


The lodge’s common area was designed with leisure and enjoyment in mind and features a designated reception area, a separate lounge, and a dining room, all of which were built out of canvas on raised platforms. Wooden walkways connect the common rooms, and next to the dining tent is a deck for al fresco dining.

Wi-Fi is offered in the common area at no charge. In addition to a sizable pool, there is a “tree-top” viewing platform installed in a majestic acacia tree to make it easier to observe wildlife and the night sky.

Service is what Tarangire Simba Lodge prioritize. Upon arrival, travelers are greeted with a friendly greeting from the lodge staff, a cool beverage, and a towel to wipe away the dust from the drive. A fully stocked bar with a wine list that includes South African wines is available beginning at 3:30 pm, in addition to afternoon tea.


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