Tarangire River

Tarangire River

Tarangire River

Tarangire River is a river which is located in the eastern branch of the East African rift valley and flows through the national park which is located in the northern part of Tanzania.

The river is a major attraction found in Tarangire national park with its source in Babati district, and another source in the Irangi hills as well as in the escarpment and its mouth in Lake Burunge.

The mouth of a river is defined as the place where a river enters a larger river while the source of a river can be defined as the place where a river begins or starts to flow.

This river is a primary source of water for wildlife species which can be seen in the national park. During the dry season from June to October, different wildlife species gather around Tarangire river to drink.

Another important point to note is that the name of this national park was derived from the Tarangire river which flows through the national park. The national park also consists of savannah plains, acacia woodlands and floodplains which act as habitat for wildlife species at the destination.

Entrance fees to Tarangire national park is 53 USD for nonresidents while East Africans pay in Tanzania shillings (TSH). This fee and a form of identification are among the requirements for the tourists to be allowed to access the national park and engage in different activities at the destination.

The entrance fees paid by tourists in Tarangire national park is for a single entry and is valid for 24 hours. During a visit to this national park, children and adults are charged entrance fees differently.

Attractions in Tarangire national park

Other attractions apart from the Tarangire river can also be seen by tourists during their safaris in the national park and these include the following;

Wildlife species

During wildlife viewing activities which take place in Tarangire national park, tourists enjoy seeing different wildlife species in the savannah plains such as herds of elephants, lions, leopards, hyenas, zebras, warthogs, antelopes, kudu, dik dik, wildebeests, hartebeests, giraffes and many others.

A large population of elephants is among the known wildlife species this national park is said to have which can be seen by tourists as they explore the savannah plains and engage in various activities.

Bird species

Tarangire national park is also known for its various bird species which can be seen around the national park in the hills, swampy floodplains as well as in the woodlands. The bird species include ashy starlings, striped swallows, hornbills, ostriches, hammerkops, rufous tailed weavers, eagles, vultures among others.

During the wet season in November to March, bird watchers enjoy seeing both migrant and local bird species around Tarangire national park. This time of the year is also considered the best time for bird watching at the destination.

Baobab trees

This specific attraction can be seen standing out from the rest of the landscape of Tarangire national park. The baobab trees act as a source of shelter for the wildlife species in the national park and are also a popular spot for elephants which sharpen their tusks on these trees and also get water from the baobab trees. 

The pastoralists living in the neighboring areas of Tarangire national park also use the baobab trees as a source of herbs.

Maasai people

The Maasai people who are known for their nomadic way of life can also be seen during a safari to Tarangire national park since they live in the neighboring area of the national park. They are also known for their unique culture, norms, traditional dance, as well as cultural ceremonies.

Tourists get to interact with the Maasai people during their visits to the Maasai villages as they get to meet the locals and know more about their traditions and norms.

Tarangire River
Tarangire River

How to get to Tarangire national park

There are different means of transport which tourists can use to get to Tarangire national park and these include road transport and air transport means.

  • Tourists can opt for a drive from Arusha to access the national park which is located in the northern part of Tanzania. Tarangire national park is located close to other wildlife viewing destinations such as Lake Manyara national park, Ngorongoro conservation area as well as Serengeti national park.
  • Another way to get to Tarangire national park is by air or flight which can be organized by the different airline companies offering scheduled and charter flights to the destination.

The different accommodation facilities where tourists visiting Tarangire national park can stay include luxury accommodations, midrange accommodations, budget accommodations as seen below;

  • Luxury accommodations in Tarangire national park include Tarangire Sopa lodge, Maweninga lodge, Lemala Tarangire lodge, Nimali Tarangire lodge, Sanctuary Swala camp, Tarangire treetops lodge among others.
  • Midrange accommodations include; Tarangire Roika lodge, Twiga lodge, Tarangire river camp, Lake Burunge tented camp, Saingwe tented camp among others.
  • Budget or basic accommodations in Tarangire national park include Whistling thorn tented camp, country lodge, Planet lodge and many others.

There are also different campsites in the national park where tourists can stay during their safaris in Tarangire national park.

Visit Tarangire national park and enjoy exploring the different attractions at the destination with Focus East Africa tours.

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