Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve now known as Nyerere National Park is an off the beaten Tanzania wilderness where few Tanzania safari goers opt for, thus an amazing Tanzania safari destination for travelers seeking more private Tanzania safari tours. Selous game Reserve is a true Africa wilderness park so vast that you cannot really see its end far off. Given her vast size and fewer travelers visiting, you can go for days without necessarily seeing another safari vehicle, and if any very few at a time.

One of the best and amazing Selous game Reserve sights is the Rufiji River with a high density of crocodiles and hippos. The Rufiji River together with the Ruaha River create a river delta making Selous Game Reserve a spectacular game viewing destination with exciting safari activities among others including boat rides.

First designated as a protected area in 1896 by the then German governor, Selous game reserve was later developed into a hunting reserve in 1922 when it also got named as search. The Selous Game Reserve was named after the famous African hunter, Frederick Courtney Selous. In 1982, Selous Game Reserve was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Selous Game Reserve
wildlife in Selous

Wildlife in Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is an amazing Tanzania safari park with diverse wildlife. Selous Game Reserve boasts some of the best wildlife densities in Tanzania, say over 40,000 hippos, almost 150,000 buffalos, 100,000 wildebeests, and so much more inhabit this vast game reserve of Tanzania. With a variety of animals including animals of prey, a wide range of predators do inhabit the Selous game Reserve. There are over 4000 lions in Selous Game Reserve, considerable population of hyenas, leopards, crocodiles cheetahs, among so many others. Some of the rare wildlife to look out for in Selous Game Reserve is the African wild dog; about 50% of the total wild dog population is found in Selous game Reserve alone. Other animals to look out for in Selous Game Reserve include the sable and puku antelopes. Elephants, zebras, giraffes, and so many others are a common sight.

Apart from animals in Selous Game Reserve, other wildlife to look out for in Selous Game Reserve include birds. There are over 440 birds in Selous Game Reserve that travelers can spot while on a Selous Game Reserve safari any time of the year.  Boat safari in Selous game Reserve is one of the best ways to spot the diverse bird species in the park.

How to get to Selous Game Reserve (Nyerere National Park)

There are different ways to access the Selous Game Reserve. The most convenient way to get to Selous game Reserve is by plane from Dar es Salaam or even from Ruaha National Park. Dar es Salaam is only about 45 minutes by plane to Selous Game Reserve, and only about 90 minutes from Ruaha National Park. Getting to Selous Game Reserve by road takes a bit longer time, about 4-6 hours from Dar es Salaam to the park.

When to visit Selous Game Reserve

Just like any other Tanzania safari park, the best time to visit Selous game Reserve is during the dry season which falls in the months of June through October and mid-December to February which are the best time for game viewing as the vegetation is sparse and short enough making it easy to spot wild game in Selous game Reserve. The other months are the rainy times in Nyerere National Park, a good time to visit for birding safaris in Selous Game Reserve when there are migratory birds as well in the park.

Selous Game Reserve
Boat Cruise

Things to do in Selous Game Reserve

There are a variety of things to do in Selous Game Reserve, including game drives, walking safaris, bird watching, river rafting, boat cruises, as well as sport fishing. Flying safari experiences as well as hot air balloon rides.

Selous game Reserve Accommodation

There are a number of lodges and camps in Selous Game Reserve that travelers can opt for while on their Selous Game Reserve safari any time of the year. Some of the Selous game Reserve accommodation to consider include Beho Beho, Kiba Point, Sand Rivers Camp, Selous Impala, Rufiji River camp, Selous Kulinda Camp and Lake Manze Tented Camp among others.

Selous Game Reserve (Nyerere National Park) is an amazing Tanzania safari park perfect for travelers after a bit of exclusivity. Most a times there are not more than 300 visitors in Selous Game Reserve at a time! Looking for an Africa honeymoon destination? The Selous Game Reserve is your dream and ultimate Tanzania safari destination before you connect to the beautiful Zanzibar Island with spectacular beaches!

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