Nimali Tarangire lodge

Nimali Tarangire lodge

Nimali Tarangire lodge is located on the eastern boundary of Tarangire national park which is a wildlife viewing destination in the northern part of Tanzania.

Nimali is a Swahili word which means wealth and this luxury lodge has 10 suites with private decks and also rain showers, vanity with double basins, a reading corner as well as charging points.

Facilities at Nimali Tarangire lodge include a swimming pool, a spacious lounge, a library, a dining area among others. The lodge is found in a private concession along a river bed and is hidden among acacia trees and baobab trees.

Natural materials and contemporary décor with earthy furnishings make up the beauty of the lodge which has a swimming pool that overlooks a watering hole where wildlife species such as elephants can be seen.

Guests of Nimali Tarangire lodge also enjoy spa treatments which can be done in the comfort and privacy of their suite and is done by skilled therapists. Spending the night under the stars in the wilderness is also available for guests and is usually combined with walking safaris around the national park.

Another experience which is organized for guests of Nimali Tarangire lodge is bush dining in the savannah plains which also involves enjoying the delicious meals under the beautiful lights overlooking the stars and plains in the national park.

Different activities are also organized for children at Nimali Tarangire lodge and these include nature walks, treasure hunts, games and books in the library at the lodge, star gazing among others.

Watching the sunset while sipping on cold drinks and listening to the sounds of nature is another perfect way to end a day at the lodge. Snacks are also available for guests staying at the lodge.

Nimali Tarangire lodge
Nimali Tarangire lodge

Activities at Nimali Tarangire lodge

The different activities which are carried out by guests staying at Nimali Tarangire lodge include bird watching, guided walking safaris, night, morning and afternoon game drives and also cultural tours.

The night game drives are carried out in Tarangire national park where guests staying at Nimali Tarangire lodge enjoy looking out for nocturnal wildlife species such as lions, leopards among others while exploring the national park at night. Other game drives which are carried out around the national park take place in the morning, afternoon or evening. The largest concentration of elephants in can also be seen in this national park during safaris and other wildlife species in Tarangire national park include lions, klipspringers, giraffes, buffalos, generuks, gazelles, waterbucks among others.

Bird watching is another activity carried out during safaris in Tarangire national park which has over 600 bird species. This activity is best done during the months of November to March when migrant birds can be seen in the national park.

Hot air balloon experiences are also carried out by guests staying at the lodge as they enjoy soaring over the plains in the national park and looking out for wildlife species in the plains below and also attractions around the national park like Tarangire river. After this activity, the guests enjoy a bush breakfast and champagne on landing from the hot air balloon.

Guests staying at Nimali Tarangire lodge can also engage in guided walking safaris which involve walking around the grassy plains of Tarangire national park following tracks, scents and sounds and getting close up sightings of the wildlife and other attractions in the national park in the company of a ranger guide.

Experiencing the livelihood and culture of the Maasai people is another activity which tourists engage in while staying at the lodge. This activity involves interactions with the local community and getting to know more about their way of life. Tourists also enjoy traditional dance performances of the Maasai during their safaris which is an exciting experience.

Apart from the different activities offered by the lodge, guests can also contribute to the local community by contributing to the betterment of the schools through a small fee that is included and this helps to benefit the schools.

How to get to Nimali Tarangire lodge

Nimali Tarangire lodge can be accessed by flight from Kilimanjaro international airport or Arusha airport to Kuro airstrip or Lake Manyara airstrip. Charter and scheduled flights are offered for tourists to the lodge during their safaris.

Another way to get to the lodge is by driving from Arusha to the lodge which takes about 2 to 3 hours. The lodge can be accessed via the Boundary hill gate in Tarangire national park.

Other Nimali camps include Nimali Serengeti camp in the central part of Serengeti national park and Nimali Mara which is in the northern part of Serengeti national park.

Book a stay with Nimali Tarangire lodge and enjoy a unique Tanzania safari experience and luxury in the wild.  

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