Karatu Simba Lodge

Welcome to Karatu Simba Lodge, where you can enjoy the tranquility of rural Tanzania. Four kilometers off the main road leading to the entrance of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, is where Karatu Simba lodge is situated. It is also located around thirty minutes’ drive from the Lake Manyara National Park gate. The Karatu Simba lodge provides luxurious accommodations for safari visitors and is tucked away next to the Ngorongoro Forest, which is home to elephants, buffalo, hyenas, and other species.

You might see farmers driving bullock carts carrying water or crops or herding sheep, goats, or cattle as you go to Karatu Simba lodge. The deep green forest wall, which undulates in hills and valleys up to the rim of the distant Ngorongoro Crater, is reached after a mosaic of fields of barley, wheat, beans, legumes, corn, and sunflowers. When you arrive, the lodge staff will give you a warm welcome, a cool drink, and a towel to wipe away the dust from your travels.

The Karatu Simba Lodge offers a glimpse into a way of life that is unique to rural Tanzania. The few nearby farms in the area around the lodge are run by farmers from the Iraqw tribe, who are skilled land managers. The color palette quietly changes as the seasons gradually transition from wet to dry along with the cycle of planting, growing, and harvesting. The fields are a deep, strong brown prior to planting season, emphasizing the fertility of the soil and the prospect of future crops. A cool green, followed by richer greens and the blossoming heads of sunflowers during the lengthy, warm growth season, appears as the rains inflate the seeds and they burst forth from the African dirt.

The fields are bright with thick barley and wheat stalks that are ripening as the dry season draws to a close. Pigeon peas are still ripening in the field after the grain harvest, and as their pods grow, elephants may come out of the forest under the cover of the African night sky in search of these delightful treats—only to almost certainly be turned away by the watchful farmers guarding their crops! The short rains came, and the cycle began again with plows and planting.

The only sounds are the distant whistles of the herding boys, the occasional tractor, and the chirping and twittering of birds. Enjoy the changing scenery with the seasons in a setting suited for relaxing after long and dusty safari rides. Forest dwellers, weavers, wagtails, sunbirds, and other wildlife are generated in the spectacular scenery as the ecosystem changes from woodland to open grassland and cultivated regions.

 Please Note: There is no wheelchair access at Karatu Simba lodge, making it unsuitable for those with mobility impairments or who use wheelchairs. The lodge is most welcoming to children over the age of six; however, they must always be supervised by an adult. A roommate over the age of thirteen must share a bed with a child under thirteen (17 or older).


Individual twin, double, or triple cottages or rondavels with canvas walls, a solid adjoining bathroom, and a shower are available for guests at Karatu Simba Lodge. These accommodations are elegantly and simply furnished with handcrafted African wooden furniture. Each unit has a veranda with safari chairs for relaxing and taking in the pastoral scene. From here, you might watch a troop of baboons rummaging in the fields of freshly harvested barley or neighborhood “cowboys” caring for their herds. Fell asleep to the call of the bush baby and Montane nightjar.

Every accommodation has a view of the hills, farmland, and forest in the distance. The rooms at Karatu Simba are tastefully and simply furnished with hard wood furniture and native fabrics; all of the beds have mosquito nets. A power strip is available for charging batteries, and rooms are solar powered with solar hot water.

You can use the torch (flashlight) and umbrella provided in each room while you are a guest with Karatu Simba lodge. Also, a whistle is offered in case you need to inform the security personnel.

Karatu Simba Lodge
Karatu Simba Lodge

We strongly advise you to bring a headlamp or “book light” for reading in bed at night because the solar lighting may be darker than you are used to.

Hair dryers are not permitted to be used at Karatu Simba due to solar-powered electricity system. We politely ask that you refrain from attempting to plug in a hair dryer because it will very certainly blow the system, cutting off electricity to the entire lodge.



Ideal for lone travelers or group trips with friends. Each tent has a private terrace with a sweeping view of the surrounding landscape and Tanzania safari chairs. Solar power powers tents. Stone wall and one canvas wall with an adjoining private bathroom.


Ideal for single-parent families or couples. The maximum number of guests is three. Each tent has a private terrace with a sweeping view of the surrounding landscape and safari chairs. Solar power powers tents. Stone wall and one canvas wall with an adjoining private bathroom.


Ideal for households with children. Each tent has a private terrace with a sweeping view of the surrounding landscape and safari chairs. Solar power powers tents. Stone wall and one canvas wall with an adjoining private bathroom.


  • Free Public Area Wi-Fi
  • Bedclothes
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Dining room
  • Lounge Area
  • Campfire Area
  • Swimming Pool and Sundeck
  • En-suite torch and umbrella
  • Solar-powered hot water


The lodge location/ position in the Karatu District’s rich agricultural region is a wonderful asset when it comes to cooking meals for visitors. We can find the tastiest and freshest produce, eggs, coffee, and other items for our kitchen because the distance from farm to table is minimal. We occasionally offer a taste of a regional dish at the Karatu Simba Lodge along with our continental fare. In addition to constantly seeking out fresh and inventive recipes to share with you, our talented chefs have a strong desire to impress. Here are some of the ways we give you scrumptious, nutritious food:

  • Our coffee is grown a few miles away.
  • Bread, rolls, cakes, and pastries are baked daily.
  • Produce fresh from the farm
  • Local free-range eggs
  • We “get” vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diets.

Every morning, there is a buffet-style breakfast that includes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, a variety of cereals, fresh fruit, muffins or pancakes, and cooked-to-order eggs (with sausage and bacon). On request, oatmeal (oat porridge) is offered.

We strive hard to produce a lunch box that sticks out from the crowd because most visitors take one with them when they head out for the full day game drive. You can choose from a variety of salads, quiches, and pizza for lunch at the lodge, or on chillier days, heartier fare like a casserole, curry, or spaghetti.

Dinner may be served at the table or from a buffet, depending on how many visitors are staying at the lodge. There is usually a vegetarian entrée on the buffet. If you have any special dietary requests, kindly let us know as early as possible.


The busy village of Karatu, where the Iraqw tribe resides, is conveniently situated halfway between the Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara National Park. You can go to the town market, a nearby brick industry, a traditional Iraqi household, and other places of cultural importance. There are places to explore, or you can simply stroll around the village if you’re looking for a decent hike. Several of the upcoming activities could already be on your schedule, and your Tanzania safari guide will go with you. Other activities includes:

  • Game drives in Lake Manyara National Park
  • Visit nearby Ngorongoro Crater
  • Birding on the lodge grounds
  • Visit Lake Eyasi and the interesting tribes there.
  • Cultural activities in Karatu
  • Guided walks to Ngorongoro Forest and elephant caves
  • Enjoy the swimming pool at the lodge
  • Nightly campfire at sundown

Every Sunday, a small market is held in the village of Rhotia at the intersection with the main road. This is a wonderful opportunity for tourists to get a flavor of local life. On the seventh and twenty-fifth of each month, there is a larger, livelier regional market on the road to Ngorongoro. Also, the town of Karatu is close by and has marketplaces and other interesting locations to explore.

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