Best time to visit Tarangire national park

Is It Worth Visiting Tarangire National Park?

Is It Worth Visiting Tarangire National Park? Tarangire national park is considered as the sixth largest national park in the country which covers a total surface area of about 2, 6000 square kilometers and it is located in the Northern region of Tanzania and it is easily accessed because it is situated just a few kilometers from Arusha. More so, Tarangire national park derived its name from the Tarangire river which crosses through the park and this national park is worth visiting and it is a recommended destination where can one can ever choose to visit while on their Tanzania wildlife Safaris because there are so many things for tourists to see and do. In addition, this national park is also dominated with clear and beautiful vegetation, which is evergreen, it is surrounded with elephant grass, acacia woodlands, giant baobab trees and aquatic forest ribbons and many others.

 Things to do in Tarangire National Park.

Touring around Tarangire national park gives you great opportunities to participate in so many interesting activities where you are able to gain new experiences such as;

  • Game Drives: this is considered to be among the must do and commonly done activity in the park however, game drives are usually done in different sessions for example in the morning which is noted to be the best time due to the fact that it is when the animals seem to be very active moving around the park or individuals can also opt to go for the afternoon and evening drives. In addition, during this activity, it offers you great chances to sight see many wildlife species such as; zebras, giraffes, buffalos, cheetahs, elephants, waterbucks, impalas, hartebeest, cheetahs and many others.
  • Bird Watching: Tarangire National park is seen as a good Tanzania Safari birding destination because it has various natural habitats for many bird species. therefore, exploring around this game park blesses you with chances to see birds like; kori bustards, ostriches, hornbills, yellow necked spur fowls, guinea fowls, brown parrots, crested francolins, lilac breasted rollers, vultures, falcons, striped swallows, starlings, plovers, hammerkops among others.
  • Guided Nature Walks: tourists can opt to go for the guided nature walks during their free time and they are always accompanied with a park guide who leads them through different trails as they walk through the vast savannah plains while capturing classic views of the natural setting the vegetation and wildlife animals.

    Is It Worth Visiting Tarangire National Park?
    Nature walks
  • Community visits and cultural encounters: individuals can also choose to visit within the neighbouring communities such as; the Manyattas, which are famously known as the traditional, homes of the Maasai people. More so, this gives tourists opportunities to interact with the massai and get to learn many things more especially about their culture and traditions and observe how they live their daily lifestyles like; they are known to be cattle keepers of animals like; sheep and goats which are kept in kraals, they also make their own jewelry like; earrings, anklets, beaded necklaces among others and their dress code whereby they are seen to wear shukas.

Tourist attractions in Tarangire national park.

In Tarangire national park, there are so many attractions which always lead individuals to travel from different parts of the world and visit within this game park with the main aim of seeing some of these which include; Swamps like Silale swamp which is considered as one the beautiful ecosystem features and large numbers of herbivorous animals can be spotted within this area as they are searching for water and food, the giant baobab trees which is commonly referred to as the “The tree of Life”, birds and it is recorded that this national park is a home to over 550 bird species, the wildlife migration.

More so, this national park is known to have the highest elephant population in the whole of Tanzania, the poacher’s hide which is located in the Southwestern part of Tarangile hill, the lemiyon triangle, Tarangire river, Matete woodlands where one can get to take a glimpse at the uncommon oryx antelope, Kitibong hill which is a good natural habitat to enormous herds of cape buffalo and wild dogs and more other wildlife species such as; olive baboons, elands, kudu, waterbucks, dik dik, gazelles, lions, leopards, caracals, leopards, wildebeests, hartebeests, zebras, elephants, buffalos and many others.

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