Elewana Tarangire Treetops Lodge

Elewana Tarangire Treetops Lodge

Elewana Tarangire Treetops Lodge is a luxury lodge which is situated on the border of Tarangire national park a wildlife viewing destination located in the northern part of Tanzania. 

The lodge features a baobab tree which is an ancient tree that can also be seen during a safari experience in Tarangire national park. The national park is home to big herds of elephants as well as wildlife species such as lions, waterbucks, giraffes, leopards, zebras, baboons and many others.

Services offered at Elewana lodge include airport transfers, safaris or tours and transfers and many others. 

Dining and meals;

Menus are displayed physically at the bar and the restaurant at Elewana lodge and can also be got digitally. The types of meals offered by the staff at this lodge include bush dinners, gourmet meals as well as fresh food for the guests.

Safe food handling is also practiced by the staff at Elewana lodge. Meals offered to guests include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dining at this lodge is memorable. 


There are about 20 rooms elevated above the ground at this lodge. Following the necessary COVID 19 standard operation procedures, the rooms at Elewana Tarangire treetops lodge are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized ahead of the guest’s check in. 

The rooms at Elewana Tarangire treetops lodge are furnished with local craftsmanship and have en suite bathrooms, sumptuous suites and a private balcony. Guests can enjoy views of baobab trees around the lodge from their balconies during their stay at Elewana Tarangire treetops which offers views of the Tarangire plains.

Features in the rooms at Elewana lodge include en suite bathrooms, a viewing deck, an in room electronic safe and laundry service. There is also onsite parking which is available for guests staying at the lodge.

Check in and check out at Elewana lodge can be carried out digitally on a secure online payment system. The receipts for these transactions made between the guests and the lodge are also sent by email.

Activities offered by Elewana Tarangire treetops lodge

Safari activities organized by the Elewana lodge are carried out ensuring guests are safe and get a memorable safari experience while exploring the wild open plains in the national park.

Activities offered to guests include guided bush and forest walk experience, game drives, horseback riding, cultural visits, sundowners, bush dinners;

  • Game drives organized by Elewana Tarangire treetops take about 8 hours and the vehicles used for the safari are equipped with hand sanitizer, sealed masks, gloves as well as thermal temperature devices. 

Forms of game drives which guests staying at Elewana lodge engage in include day game drives such as the morning game drives and afternoon game drives. Night game drives are also carried out by guests staying at this lodge.

  • Cultural experiences where guests encounter the amazing cultures of the local communities in the villages, visiting homesteads, watching traditional dance performances is also part of the cultural experience at the Maasai bomas.

The lodge also offers child friendly services to its guests as they spend time with their family in the comfort of their lodge. High quality management, professionalism, attention to detail and delicious culinary creations are among the values among the staff at the lodge.

The lodge also practices responsible tourism like supporting the local conservancies and the management of Elewana Tarangire treetops lodge is also passionate about their local environment and the community.

The lodge also employs highly experienced and professional guides who are also knowledgeable about the surroundings in Tarangire national park, the seasons, and wildlife species.

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Elewana Tarangire Treetops Lodge
Elewana Tarangire Treetops Lodge

How to get to Elewana Tarangire treetops lodge

The lodge is located in the south western direction from Arusha and can be accessed by driving directly from Arusha. Another way to get to the lodge is through flights to Kuro airstrip located in the national park.

Elewana Tarangire treetops lodge also encourages its guests to embrace health, hygiene and safety practices throughout their stay at the lodge.

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