Discover Tarangire national park

Discover Tarangire national park

Discover Tarangire national park : Tarangire national park is home to a variety of wildlife species and is part of the northern tourist circuit of Tanzania.

Covering about 2850 square kilometers, Tarangire national park is among the diverse national parks of Tanzania and is located between the lakes of the Great Rift Valley and plains in the south east.

The northern part of Tanzania where Tarangire national park is located is famous for wildlife viewing experiences across different national parks such as Serengeti national park which is the oldest national park in Tanzania, lake Manyara national park which is famous for tree climbing lions and Ngorongoro conservation area known for amazing wildlife viewing and for the world’s largest inactive caldera.

Baobab trees also make up the beautiful scenery in Tarangire national park. These trees are also referred to as the “tree of life” and they provide shelter to different wildlife species in the national park and are also source of water for wildlife which is stored in the trunks of the baobab trees. Elephants also sharpen their tusks on the barks of the baobab trees.

The national park is also made up of seasonal swamps which are found in the southern part of Tarangire national park. The southern part of the national park is also visited by few tourists and maintains a feel of the wilderness during an African safari around the plains of Tarangire.

The scenic beauty of Tarangire national park can also be seen while exploring the acacia woodlands and other open areas in the national park. Tarangire national park is also part of Tarangire- Manyara ecosystem.

Tarangire river is also a major attraction from which Tarangire national park gets its name. This river is a source of water for the wildlife species in the national park such as in the dry season when wildlife can be spotted around the river.

In the wet season around November to April, the different wildlife species of Tarangire national park roam freely around the national park due to the availability of water in the different parts of the national park.

Wildlife species in Tarangire national park include large herds of elephants which the national park is known for, lions, buffalos, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, elands, hippos, cheetahs, oryx, reedbucks, hartebeests and many others. The dry season from June to October is recommended for wildlife viewing around the destination.

Apart from the wildlife species of Tarangire national park, there are also attractions such as the rock paintings at kolo which tourists can visit during their safaris. This site consists of 3 rock art sites which are kolo 1, 2 and 3.

Tarangire national park is managed by Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) which is in charge of promoting conservation in the national park and protecting the natural resources around the national park and also tourism development.

Different activities on safari are carried out as tourists explore the wilderness of the national park and they include game drives and guided nature walks.

Tarangire National Park

  • Game drives around Tarangire national park are carried out in the morning, afternoon and can also be done in the evening around the savannah plains and woodlands of the national park where elephants in their herds can be spotted or lions hunting for their prey among other wildlife species. Lions, leopards and cheetahs sightings are common in the southern parts of the national park during a safari.
  • Guided nature walks around Tarangire national park are carried out on foot and are a close way through which tourists can interact with the natural surroundings in the national park and also enjoy wildlife viewing as they learn about the different wildlife species at the destination and how to track them. Rangers lead the way during the walking safaris and also provide information about the national park and its attractions.
  • Birding is another activity which tourists engage in during their safaris around Tarangire national park. There are about 600 bird species which can be seen around the national park and they include crested francolins, yellow necked spurfowl, hornbills, ashy starlings, red and yellow barbets, kori bustard, ostriches, bee eaters, yellow collared lovebirds, and many others. The ashy starlings and yellow collared lovebirds are among the endemic bird species of Tanzania. The best time for birding is during the wet season when migratory bird species can also be seen around the national park.

How to get to Tarangire national park

Tourists can access Tarangire national park by different means such as air or flight as well as by road. Kuro airstrip is found in the national park and is located a short distance from the river in the national park. Flights are available from Arusha airport and Kilimanjaro international airport to the airstrip.

Another way to get to Tarangire national park is by driving from Arusha to the national park.

Visit Tarangire national park and enjoy amazing views while searching for various wildlife species around the destination.

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