Tanzania Safaris : Tanzania is yet another pleasant destination in East Africa that provides the best of its self with thousands of attractions to sight in it, Tanzania seems as one of the least thought of countries by tourist and yet the most exciting country to venture around with so much electrifying sceneries to sight from.

Tanzania is one of the East African countries located at the boarding coasts of the Indian Ocean, Tanzania neighbors Kenya and Uganda towards the north of its and having Zambia and Malawi plus Mozambique in the south and in its west wigs there is Congo and Rwanda and Burundi plus DRC.

Tanzania received its independence in the year 1961 on the 09th of December and its internal self-government had come in a bit earlier than the independence and this was on 1st may 1961.

After Tanzania attain her independence a lot of things with the country changed and this hence mad e the country a more safe and thriving place to have a tour in for an African adventure.

Tanzania is one of the countries that have got the best climatic condition in East Africa and its climatic conditions make it even far greater for an adventure in the country.

Visiting Tanzania for a safari adventure is best done during the months of the dry seasons, July to September plus October to December. Despite the fact that the country can be visit during season of the year and this makes it even greatly exciting for an adventure as you get to see the great migrating wildebeests and having treks at the beaches.

while on your safari to Tanzania just get yourself ready to sight some of the big fives in the country’s national park and reserves most exciting of all are the different areas of venture that await you all  to sight.

when on a Tanzania safari just have it at mind that Tanzania has got three main parts for adventure and these are the north south and western Tanzania with all these three directions of Tanzania you cannot miss to have the best safari adventure in Tanzania.

Take you through all these destination according to your safari budget and argue for the adventure with the best safari guides given to you have the best travel in the republic of Tanzania and here are some of the places to sight while in Tanzania.

Have your adventure start off at Serengeti national park as you get to see the great numbers of migrating wildebeests in huge population among these have the golden chance to sight a healthy population of big cats: lions, leopards and cheetahs.

Drive as you continue to the great Tarangire National park at this point of Tanzania now you have the great chance to also sight yet other kinds flora and fauna un the republic of Tanzania inside Tarangire National Park There are large herds of elephants, huge baobab trees, lions and even wild dogs as well a bird haven hence fascinating to all bird lovers visits.

From here allow Focus East Africa Tours take you Lake Manyara National Park a haven for some 350 species of water birds and also famously known for population of tree-climbing lions, inclusive of Tanzania’s most-studied elephant populations all with an electrifying experience to go through.

Have a visit at the smallest but most excellent national park in Tanzania as well Ruaha National Park with lots of lions, leopards and wild dogs all these just make additions to the venture in Tanzania and all these can be arranged for you by Focus East Africa Tours transportation and Accommodations as well can be arranged for you by the best tour operators in the country for the best of your holiday vacation make bookings with Trusted Tour Operators.