Accommodation in Tarangire National park

Accommodation in Tarangire national park looks at the different places where tourists visiting this national park can stay during their safaris to the destination which is located in the northern part of Tanzania.

Tarangire national park is among the many wildlife viewing destinations where a variety of wildlife and bird species can be seen and tourists can engage in different activities while exploring the wilderness of the national park.

The location of the national park close to Arusha and other wildlife viewing destinations makes it convenient to visit the national park and to explore its attractions and also engage in different activities.

Some of the attractions which entice tourists to stay in Tarangire national park include the large herds of elephants which can be seen round the national park during wildlife viewing activities such as game drives.

The accommodation facilities are located both inside and outside the national park giving the tourist a wide range to choose from when deciding where they will stay during their safaris to the destination.

During safaris in Tarangire national park, guests can stay at lodges or camps located in different parts of the national park. There is also an option of staying at campsites found within the national park.

Facilities at the lodges and camps in Tarangire national park for the comfort of guests during their safaris include swimming pool, restaurant, bar, lounges, spa, en suite bathrooms, dining area among others.

Making reservations at the different accommodations within and outside Tarangire national park can be done online by email with specifications of the number of rooms, duration of stay at the lodge and the number of people.

It is also important to inform the accommodation where the tourists or guests intend to stay during their safari in Tarangire national park about any special dietary plans or requests for easy preparation.

Different accommodations in Tarangire national park have different terms of booking at their lodges or camps. Some accommodations require full payment during booking while others may require half payment for a booking to be made. 

Meal plans offered by accommodations in Tarangire national park include full board which consists of breakfast lunch and dinner and there is also half board which consists of lunch and dinner.

Activities organized by the lodges for guests on safari in Tarangire national park include the following;

Game drives

Game drives are also among the activities which are organized by the accommodation facilities in Tarangire national park. This activity takes place in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, during the night and can also be carried out for a full day.

During morning game drives in Tarangire national park, the guests enjoy the sunrise as they look out for different wildlife species grazing around the savannah plains in the national park since they are very active in the morning.

Full day game drives involve the guests being driven around the national park for the whole day as they search for the different wildlife species grazing in Tarangire national park. Night game drives are a unique experience which is organized by some of the lodges for their guests to enjoy searching for nocturnal wildlife species.

Nature walks

The accommodation facilities in Tarangire national park also offer nature walking experiences where guests explore the natural surroundings of the national park on foot as they follow different routes and enjoy the scenery around them.

During nature walks, the guests are accompanied by a ranger guide who ensures safety of the guests and also provided information about the different attractions which can be seen during the activity.

Bush dinners

Bush dinners are also organized by the accommodation facilities in Tarangire national park for their guests. This form of dining offers a unique dining experience in the wilderness of the national park.

The guests enjoy their meals served by the staff who accompany them to prepare their meals in the open savannah plains of the national park where wildlife species can be seen grazing in the distant plains. 

This activity can take place during day time where tourist scan enjoy the beautiful scenery and the nature surroundings or also in the night time at a designated place for the bush dinners as organized by the accommodation facilities in the national park.

Cultural visits

Cultural or community visits are also among the activities which the accommodation facilities in Tarangire national park organize for their guests. This activity involves interaction between the guests and the local community.

During these cultural visits, the guests get to know more and also experience the way of life of the local community which consists of different cultures such as the famous Maasai people known for their nomadic way of life.

As the guests interact with the Maasai during their cultural visits, they engage in activities such as visiting the “manyattas” or traditional home steads of the Maasai. They also join in on the traditional dance performances by the Maasai warriors and also visit the local market as well as craft shops to see the local art and craft work such as beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets as well as sandals and belts made by the Maasai. 

Honeymoon packages

With a blend of modern or western designs and a touch of African culture, the rooms at the different accommodation facilities in Tarangire national park offer the perfect honeymoon experiences for guests on safari at the destination.

 The honeymoon packages offered by the accommodation facilities can be organized upon request by the guests who inform the lodge where they wish to stay about their preference in terms of organizing the honeymoon experience.

These accommodation facilities also offer an intimate honeymoon experience in the wild for their guests as they enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife viewing experiences and dining in the savannah plains.

Sight seeing 

The accommodations within Tarangire national park offer amazing views of the scenery around the national park and guests can enjoy the view from the comfort of their rooms. Some of eh accommodation facilities also have water points where wildlife species gather to drink water making them easy to see during a safari.

The beautiful landscapes in the national park attract tourists to visit Tarangire national park and also offers a good location for wildlife viewing.

There are different accommodations where tourists can stay during their safaris in Tarangire national park and they include luxury accommodations, midrange accommodations and budget accommodation.

Luxury accommodations 

Luxury accommodations can also be referred to as up market accommodation and they include Tarangire Sopa lodge, Kichuguu tented camp, Nimali Tarangire, Snctuary Swala camp, Maweninga camp, Tarangire treetops lodge, Lemala Tarangire and many others.

Midrange accommodation include Saingwe tented camp, Tarangire Osupuko lodge, Kirurumu Tarangire lodge, Maramboit tented camp, Tarangire safari lodge, Tarangire river camp, Tarangire lake Burunge tented camp, Roika Tarangire tented lodge, Naitolia eco lodge among others.

Budget accommodations include whistling thorn tented camp, country lodge, Planet lodge and many others.

Enjoy your stay at some of the finest accommodation facilities during your visit to Tarangire national park by planning a safari with Focus East Africa tours.