Boundary Hill Lodge

Boundary Hill Lodge

Boundary Hill Lodge

Boundary Hill Lodge is an accommodation facility which is located a short drive from the gate of Tarangire national park. The lodge is made up of 8 rooms with views of the savannah and the national park. The rooms are built in a way that ensures that guests have privacy with private balconies as well as a sitting area. 

During stays at Boundary hill lodge, guests enjoy their nights in spacious rooms built among the rocks and cliffs. Facilities in the rooms include showers, a spacious verandah, couches, chairs, a luggage rack, coffee tables, as well as a sitting area.

The lodge also has a family suite with two bathrooms and 2 bedrooms with also a fireplace where guests can enjoy relaxing in the comfort of their rooms and take in the beautiful views around Boundary hill.

Natural materials were used to build the rooms which also blend with the natural environment around the lodge with fine furnishings. There are also king sized beds in the rooms that are made with Sheridan beddings for the rooms such as triple rooms or family rooms, single rooms and double rooms.

For meals prepared for guests staying at Boundary hill lodge, the chefs choose healthy and scrumptious meals for the satisfaction of the guest. These meals include continental meals as well as Swahili dishes. 

The meals prepared at the lodge also cater for guests with different dietary requirements such as vegetarians, lactose intolerant guests and those with a sweet tooth among others.

The lodge also offers a variety of wines selected to go with the meals served to the guests from the well-stocked bar. Boundary hill lodge also has butlers who offer their services to the guests to ensure their stay is comfortable. The guests can also request for their personal butlers during their stay at the lodge.

Boundary Hill Lodge

Guests can also enjoy bush lunches while looking over the plains, breakfast in bed as well as romantic dinners which are organized by the lodge.

There is also WIFI at Boundary hill lodge and airport pick up and drop off for guests, laundry services, free parking space as well as a craft shop where guests can enjoy buying souvenirs for their safaris. 

The rates at Boundary hill lodge vary depending on seasons such as the high season, peak season, and also in the low season. The peak season and high season have high prices compared to the low season which is also characterized by few visitors going on a safari.

Activities for guests staying at boundary hill lodge

Activities which guests staying at Boundary hill lodge engage in include game drives early in the morning when wildlife species such as lions can be seen hunting and other wildlife species such as elephants, zebras, waterbucks, impalas, elands, lions and buffalos among others can be seen in Tarangire national park.

The game drives guests and tourists enjoy as they explore Tarangire national park includes morning game drives, afternoon game drives and night game drives. During night game drives, the guests can enjoy a night game viewing experience in the wild as they look out for nocturnal wildlife species.

Apart from the various wildlife species in the national park, there are also over 600 bird species around Tarangire national park. Bird watching is best done during the wet season from November to April.


Masai boma visits 

Another activity which guests staying at the lodge is Masai boma visits. During this activity, the guests interact with the Maasai people and get to know more about their culture and traditions.

The Maasai have a unique culture and nomadic way of life and local art and crafts such as beaded necklaces and earrings. During the visits to the Maasai villages, the guests also enjoy traditional dance performances by the Maasai warriors.

Nature walks

Nature walks are also carried out in Tarangire national park as guests of Boundary hill lodge explore the wilderness of the national park and get a close experience with their natural surroundings on foot. 

Some of the attractions in Tarangire national park include Tarangire river which is a main water source for wildlife species which gather to drink water at the river and this makes them easy to spot around the river.

To enter into Tarangire national park, the guests are required to pay entrance fees which are 53 USD for foreigners and also vary for children and for foreign residents on safari in the national park.

How to get to Boundary hill lodge

Boundary hill lodge is located close to Tarangire national park which is in the northern part of Tanzania. The lodge can be accessed by driving from Arusha which is about 2 hours drive.    

Enjoy hospitality with a passion during a stay at Boundary hill lodge during a safari around Tanzania.

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