Attractions in Tarangire National Park

Attractions in Tarangire National Park

Attractions in Tarangire National Park 

Attractions in Tarangire National Park are the different things that can be seen around the national park as tourists drive around the destination and engage in various tourist activities. 

This national park is located in the northern part of Tanzania and is part of the northern tourist circuit of Tanzania which consists of Serengeti national park, Lake Manyara national park and the Ngorongoro conservation area and are all famous wildlife viewing destinations.

Park entry

To be allowed access to the national park, tourists or visitors to the national park such as nonresidents, residents and east Africans are required to pay park entrance fees. The park entrance fees for Tarangire national park are valid for 24 hours.

Nonresidents visiting Tarangire national park pay 53 USD to be allowed entry to the destination. A form of identification is required at the gate in order to be allowed to drive into the national park.

The attractions which tourists can enjoy seeing as they explore Tarangire national park include the following;

Wildlife species

Tarangire national park is known for many sought after wildlife species especially elephants which can be seen in their herds as they graze around the destination and this attracts many tourists who wish to see the elephants to travel to the national park.

Apart from the herds of elephants, Tarangire national park is also known for the rare antelope species. Being an all year round wildlife viewing destination, there are various wildlife species which can be seen in this national park.

These wildlife species include the fringe eared oryx, the greater kudu, zebras, wildebeests, lions, hyenas, buffalos, elands, hartebeests and many others. Wildlife viewing in Tarangire national park is best done during the dry season in the months of June to October.

The dry season is recommended for wildlife viewing because at this time of the year, the wildlife species can be seen around different water points in the national park where they gather to drink as well as around the swampy areas which are an alternative source of water for the wildlife.

Bird species

Different birds can be seen in Tarangire national park and they include native or local bird species as well as migratory birds. There are many locations around the national park where these birds can be seen and these include the swampy floodplains, the woodlands as well as in the hills.

The swamps make up part of the scenery in the national park and are a good location to see wildlife species as well as various bird species during a safari. Bird species around the swamp area include Donaldson Smith’s nightjar, the great white pelican, northern pied babbler, white crowned shrike, ostrich, rufous tailed weaver, hornbills, vulturine guinea fowl, and yellow collared lovebirds among others.

Baobab trees

Baobab trees are also known for standing out from the rest of the national park and can be seen during safaris as tourists engage in different activities like game drives, bird watching and nature walks.

The trees are a major attraction within the national park and they have different significances to both man and the wildlife species like elephants. Elephants use the baobab trees to sharpen their tusks and they also feed on them.

Baobab trees also act as shelter for the different wildlife species in Tarangire national park and to the pastoralists who live in the surrounding areas of the national park, these trees act as source of medicine. During the dry season, the elephants get water from these baobab trees scattered around the national park.

Tarangire river 

Tarangire river is among the attractions which can be seen in the national park. This river flows through the national park and acts as a source of water for the different wildlife species such as elephants, zebras, giraffes, buffalos, hippos, antelopes, gazelles, kudu among others.

The name of the national park was also derived from the Tarangire river making it an important attraction at the destination. This part of the national park is also good for seeing elephants and also for enjoying amazing scenery at the destination.

Tarangire river is located in the eastern part of the rift valley and is also surrounded by numerous swamps such as Silale swamp as well as trees. Different predators can be seen around the area as well as pythons.

Attractions in Tarangire National Park
Attractions in Tarangire National Park (Tarangire River)

The river also plays an important role in the eco system of the national park by supporting the many wildlife species which drink from the river in the dry season.

Maasai community 

Tourists can also interact with the Maasai community during their community visits as they get to know their ways of life and to also engage in various activities such as visiting the traditional homesteads of the Maasai known as “manyattas”.

Tourists also visit the kraals of the Maasai where livestock such as cattle, goats and sheep are kept and enclosed in a thorn fence.  The locals also tell stories about their culture, norms and traditions to the tourists and also engage in traditional dance performances by the Maasai warriors. 

Visits to the local market are also part of the interactions which take place between the Maasai and the tourists. This activity is carried out in the company of a local guide who acts a mediator between the tourists and the Maasai people.

The local arts and craft shops are also visited by tourist during their interactions with the Maasai people. These art and crafts include sandals made from hide and skin, beaded jewelry made by local women such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets and many others in different colors and patterns each having a significance in the Maasai culture. 

Tarangire national park can be accessed by tourists using different means such as air and road transport means. By road, tourists can drive from Arusha to the destination in the Manyara region.

By air or flight, there are different airline companies which organize charter and scheduled flights for tourists to access the airstrip in Tarangire national park.

Visit Tarangire national park and enjoy exploring its different attractions as you drive around the savannah plains by planning a safari with Focus East Africa tours.

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