Animals in Serengeti National Park

Animals in Serengeti National Park : From the interesting Big Five to small animals, Serengeti National Park boasts diverse species of flora and fauna. It is an incredible wildlife destination to see wild animals, bird species, vegetation, and many more.  The common question that travelers have regarding Serengeti safaris is what animals are present in Serengeti The wildlife diversity of Serengeti National Park is perfect enough to capture the attention of nearly every safari-goer. Here are some animals to expect to see in your next adventure.

The Big Five

If you want to enjoy watching the Big Five during your safari, then Serengeti National Park is perfect. This majestic park is home to all the Big Five. They include the lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros.


If you want to see lions, then go to the Serengeti. Serengeti National Park hosts one of the most extensive lion populations in Africa. This park majestically deigns about 3,000 lions. Therefore, it will give you a probability of 90 percent of seeing lions on your safari. These intelligent carnivores live in what is known as prides, and in Serengeti National Park, there may be about 300 lion prides.


In the Serengeti, leopards are abundant in plains dotted with kopjes and granite rocks. The Seronera Valley is the best region to see these solitary predators. During the wildebeest migration, leopards go after the migration animals, thus joining this spectacular event. It creates an eye-catching scene of predator-prey dynamics.


Elephants are the roamers of the vast landscapes of the Serengeti National Park ecosystem. These giants dwell on the green canopies of the dense forests and the African savannas and are reputed to be intelligent. These inhabitants are reciprocally spread all over Serengeti National Park. They are frequently sighted in the northern areas of Serengeti, the western areas, the southern regions of Serengeti, and the central region, which is attributed to the abundant wildlife.


The Cape buffalos are among the grazers of the Serengeti plains. They live in large groups and are generally polite but very dangerous when they charge. Also known as wild cows, buffalo live in big herds dominated by a few strong bulls. They are among the animals seen when driving in the Serengeti.


Tanzania hosts the black rhino, but it is rare to see them, especially in their natural habitat. Serengeti National Park has approximately 160 black rhinos dispersed in the savanna plains. Sometimes, it is very challenging to encounter these endangered animals in Serengeti. However, with Focus East Africa Safari’s professional tour guides who know the clues to find the rhinos, you can see them.

The Big Cats

There are dozens of cats. The big cats are fascinating wild predators, including lions, leopards, cheetahs, and tigers. Serengeti National Park is home to big cats, such as lions, leopards, and cheetahs. Tigers are not present in Tanzania. If you want an exclusive wildlife safari to see the big cats, we can prepare it for you.

Serengeti Migration animals

The migration of animals in the Serengeti makes it an iconic destination for witnessing the natural wonders on Earth. The Great Migration features nearly 2 million wildebeests alongside thousands of zebras and gazelles. It is the largest mammal migration that occurs annually.

Before the migration commences, animals give birth to about 500,000 calves in the expansive plains of southern Serengeti. The Great Migration is an ideal natural event if you want to get the most out of Serengeti National Park.

However, the migration of animals in Serengeti is a natural phenomenon. Wildebeests have their clocks. Plan your migration safari in Serengeti at the right time to avoid missing out on the most captivating events, like the anticipated Mara River crossings, calving season, massive trekking, and Grumeti River crossings.

Animals in Serengeti National Park
Serengeti Migration animals

Other wild animals

Serengeti hosts many other wild animals in its diverse range of habitats. Visitors can encounter many species of animals on their wildlife safaris. Some other wild animals in Serengeti National Park include giraffes, hyenas, warthogs, elands, impalas, African wild dogs, jackals, dik-diks, and many others.

While in Serengeti National Park, you are in an outstanding wildlife park. Therefore, you can discover little-known animal and plant species. This park is also home to small animals, such as hyraxes, rabbits, African hares, lizards, and reptiles. Walking safaris make the vision of these small animals possible.

The best time to see animals in Serengeti National Park

The dry season is the best time to see wildlife in Tanzania. Visitors enjoy the best weather between June and October because the rough roads become passable. The dry season is somehow crowded and expensive compared to the rainy season. The wet season is perfect for birding trips and secluded wildlife safaris.

If you are inspired to discover the richness of wildlife in Serengeti, our expert travel specialist can help you tailor your wildlife adventure. We organize thrilling adventures in Tanzanian wildlife, like Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and many more.

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