Activities done in Serengeti National Park


Activities done in Serengeti National Park : This is a park established around 1951, which takes over 5700 Sq. miles (about 14,763 Km2) of the Northern central part of Tanzania. Serengeti National Park is highly accredited for rendering her illimitable plains as a gratis home for the    of world’s largest mammals alongside with bird species (having about 70 species of large mammals and over 500 species of birds). Here is a quick glance of the second to none, adventurous Serengeti National Park activities you can do while at this World Heritage Site.

Serengeti National Park Game drives. This is a unique adventure which entails viewing wildlife in the comfort of a specially designed vehicle, as per usual a land-rover. The capacity of a single Game Drive is usually between four to six people, trained tour guides and a driver being inclusive. You will have to cherry-pick among the four types of game drives offered by the Serengeti National Park. These are Morning Game Drives, Afternoon Game Drives, Full Day Game Drives and the most exiting one, the Night Game Drive. Morning drive, famously known as Sunrise Game Drive is the best out of the four drives. It is due to its peculiar temperaments such as enabling you discover many species of birds, a variety of reptiles which are very active during the morning sunlight, most of the crepuscular animals, big cats, just to mention a few of them. Doing it before breakfast or after breakfast is all in your mind, as you can have piece with either of your choice. So far Sunrise Game Drive has proven far beyond doubts to be the blue-ribbon paramount producers of the best animal videos. Unless taken during cloudy days, an Afternoon Game Drive is not as rewarding as the Morning Drives. This is mainly because by this time all the Big Cats and reptiles have already hibernated into the shrubs and tree shadow in the fear of the hot sun. Full Day Game Drive involves taking a whole day exploring the whole or part of interest of Serengeti National Park. You will start your journey early morning, having packed all your lunch boxes with you. It is only on this Drive where you will spot animals like tree climbing lions, lions, giraffes, leopards and buffaloes. Night Game Drive is not possible in the Serengeti National Park, but it can be done in the nearby conservancies such as Grumeti. Night Game Drive is not only superb experience of scrutinizing the wilderness in the night, but also the best Game Drive for filming.

Serengeti National Park Hot air balloon ride. If you are in for experiencing the beauty of nature at a magnificent bird’s eye-view panorama from extreme heights, then a hot air balloon may be the choicest. This bird’s eye-view scene of Serengeti National Park may be interesting since you will be floating in air whilst experiencing beautiful scenes like that of the endless plains of Serengeti with all animals residing it inclusive. Hot air balloon safari starts early in the morning at 5. 00 A.M, which commences off with instructions provided by the crew and experts before starting your safari. The most critical part of this safari is during the take off and sometimes landing. During the take-off, you will be directed to take a good seat until the balloon stabilizes. When the hot air balloon stabilizes, you will be showed a good position to stay as you keep enjoying the scenes of Serengeti. . Serengeti hot air balloon safari is way more than just an ordinary breath-taking experience which may be the highlight of all your safari, and having a post-safari tea in the middle of nowhere like the African lynx in the midst of the Serengeti plain will give you a million and one reasons to immediately plan for the next Serengeti hot air balloon safari.

Activities done in Serengeti National Park
Hot air Ballon Safaris in Serengeti

Serengeti National Park Walking Tours. These are unpredictable tours as they don’t follow specific routes, majorly characterized with custodian from an armed Serengeti National Park’s ranger as your tour guide to take you through your adventurous walk.  It is among the best way of unveiling the beauty of Serengeti National Park without using a vehicle or hot air balloons. The redeeming quality of Walking Tours is enabling you explore all that cannot be explored when inside a vehicle such as a closer view of reptiles, birds, insects and some species of plants.

 Hiking in the Serengeti. Unlike Walking Tours, Hiking Tours do follow specific routes. This includes long walks planned in the Serengeti, such as the walks of moving from one camp to another. With hiking, you will unearth all the concealed nature using your eyes, hands and binoculars.

Being part of the Serengeti National Park Great Migration. Witnessing a great mammal migration of about a million and a half of them is the most stunning event in Serengeti which will always give you a million and one reasons of enjoying your safari. This migration is mainly dominated with Wild Beasts, a mammal which is more or less resembling to a buffalo with an ox’s head meanwhile beautified with the horses’ mane. ‘Cow’ is a common name which is not only shared by our domestic milk-providing animal, but also a female wildebeest. The male Wild Beasts are mostly known as gnus bulls, which are majorly classified into the black wildebeest as well as the blue wildebeest. In order to fully be part of Serengeti National Park migration time, and enjoy to the fullest you will choose either Serengeti hot air balloon ride or book for Serengeti air chartered flight.

A cultural tour. Serengeti is a home to Maasai Society, the semi-nomadic pastoralists living in most parts of Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Maasai is one of the East African tribal group, which still lives by the ancient values up to date. A trip to their villages or Boma is an excellent opportunity to learn their culture and traditional beliefs. The Maasai Boma are very grateful and happy to see you in their compounds. They will teach you how to hunt, milk domestic animals and cook traditional foods. You will also be able to attend traditional dance performances alongside with buying handicrafts made creatively by Maasai artists.

Activities done in Serengeti National Park
The Maasai Boma

A bush meal. Taking meal in the bush might be the most overwhelming deed, be it for a couple honeymooning at Serengeti National Park, or for family having the best of their Tourism experience at Serengeti National Park. Restaurants responsible for bush meals often offer meals in the bush-sites away from the main restaurants situated on regular places. There are dining tables well set in this areas with well-trained chefs entirely at your very service. Serengeti National Park bush restaurants are fully equipped with a variety of dishes to choose from, starting from our lovely traditional cuisine like nyama choma (grilled meat) with ugali (a maize dish having porridge-like consistency), through international cuisine like the Indian, Italian and Chinese meals. This makes the choice of meals to be served be utterly restricted.

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